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My job is also a great hobby for me. I specialize mainly in wedding photography, but I am not limited by this focus. The wedding ceremony and the whole wedding day belong to all of us among the extraordinary moments of life. This consciousness always manifests itself on all involved. For me, it is both entertaining and adventurous to immortalize this unique atmosphere and forever freeze unforgettable experiences and moments. This amazing feature of photography is reflected in such spectacular moments as the wedding is undoubtedly. The Czech Republic has so many beautiful places that are for taking weddings as done that it is constantly dragging me to different worlds for hunting action moments and decent portraits. My activities are not limited to any particular city or region.


Hello Pavel, we found your website and we want to thank you again for your kindness during the wedding photoshoot in Wien. Both me and my wife have enjoyed it very much. Keep up the great work! Matthias, Austria.


Pavel did a fantastic job in capturing our wedding in Mistelbach - Austria, firstly he is such a nice person and that comes across the second you meet him - his passion for photography just oozes from him. Pictures taken by Pavel allowed us to relive our wedding and see all the details we missed on that day. Thanks again Pavel!


At first I was not sure about picking up foreign wedding photographer from Czech republic but my good friend from CZ told me that Pavel Zahalka is experienced and offers realy good and reasonable pricing for us austrians. Now we know that we have chosen a great professional and cool guy. Wedding photos are outstanding so we dont have problem to rate 5/5 ;-)


Wedding photographer

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Hi my name is Pavel Zahálka and I am from the Czech Republic. My work is not just a job for me but a great hobby too. Photography is my passion and I have over 5 years experience in the photographic industry mainly specializing in photographing weddings.

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I love my job because...

Wedding ceremony and the whole wedding day belongs to most exceptional life moments people can imagine. This fact is noticeable on all wedding guests and especially on groom and bride. I enjoy to take pictures of such moments and freeze that special wedding atmosphere. Photographs have an amazing ability to store feelings and happy faces for years. That is the reason why I love my job.

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Places to shoot photos

My job is not fixed to one specific geographic place. I like to take wedding photos in Prague and many other locations. Central Europe offers so many beautiful places that are perfect for romantic moments.

I love my job because...

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every man and woman. Wedding preparations are not exactly the cheapest and of cource I am aware of that fact. I am ready to offer very competitive and fair prices. Every wedding is different so I send concrete prices based on specific requirements.

Fair pricing

There is no chance to take a good picture without a solid and reliable hardware and software. So I use proven Nikon devices. In the post-production process there is one and only „mighty“ Adobe Photoshop. At the end of that workflow pipeline there is photo ready to prodly fill place in your photo album.


Despite I do mainly wedding photography, it is possible to arrange other kinds of photographic works. Whether this would be an advertisement portrait or modeling photography, I am definitely prepared to do these kinds of stuff. Guided by the principle that nothing is a problem, I will always try to fullfil your requirements.

Fearless Photographers Association

I am honoured to be a member of the prestigious International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) and I am ready to shoot weddings around the World. If you are planning a wedding ceremony outside the Czech Republic, I will be delighted to shoot your wedding day.


It is a great pleasure to be a member of Fearless Photographers database. This assocation was founded in USA and now is popular all around the world. is an international community of wedding photographers that allows finding the right photographer for a given area. membership brings new ideas and inspiration.