Povolání snů Welcome to my website!

As you already know on the front page of the web, I deal primarily with wedding photography. Taking pictures in general is a great hobby for me, and because I like stories, I quickly turned to discovering the spell of photography to photograph wedding ceremonies and whole wedding days. Now I would briefly stop on what exactly am I enjoying in weddings photography. It is above all the festive atmosphere that families and friends of the bride and groom live.

We all understand that much less – wedding is an important milestone, and everyone involved has this fact in the face. I like to capture these feelings in the photos.

If you still hesitate to contact me, I would recommend sending you a short mail with your requirements or just a wedding date. You will not give anything for the question, and the calculation of the photo shoot is free of charge and of course free of charge. I will respond to your request by declaring whether the term is still free or already occupied.